Monday, January 21, 2008

We'll See How Long this Lasts

I am starting this blog, not with any specific hope or aim in mind but more to see if I can actually keep one. I have done this before, several times actually. I have created blogs before, but school, work, life, laziness always got in the way.

I am not going to take an oath that this time will be any different even though I actually believe it will. For starters, I live and go to school in a environment where my cultural identity as a disabled man is not so much politely ignored as not even acknowledged. I am surrounded daily by people who are wrapped up in the world of obtaining/keeping privilege. I am discovering that many things I know with my heart about the law, power, and social change are observable truths. All these realizations tell me that I will keep this blog updated for its potential to build community and fill my cup.

So let it begin..